6 Week Strength Challenge

6 Week Strength Challenge

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Our all new 6 Week Strength Challenge is geared for next level strength and lean muscle gains!


Using cutting edge training and programming through 18 small group sessions (3 per week) we will give you the knowledge and guidance you need to complete this awesome program and get the most out of your body.


Your Strength Challenge includes:

✔ 6 Weeks of Tailored Weight Programming from some of Geelongs most Elite Personal Trainers / Strength Coaches

✔ Meal guides to boost lean muscle and strength gains

✔ Supplements, Supplement plans and infomation

✔ Before and After Body Scans

✔ Strength testing

✔ 18 Private Training sessions accross 6 Weeks

✔ Everything you need to build unmatched strength and amazing lean muscle

✔ Infomation and articles to give you the knowledge you need to continue your success in strength training

✔ 50% off Personal Training for the duration

✔ Add unlimited access to SureFit Bootcamps (optional)


*Small group sessions running 5:00pm Tuesday, 5:00pm Thursday and Saturday 9:00am - 1 hour duration*