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SureFits Brand New, customised Life Boost Package shakes off the typical 'weight loss' challenge and gives you the opportunity to completely overhaul your body, mindset and success. Bringing mindfullness and longevity to the forefront, we have all bases covered for you to be able to build resilience, strong mind and even stronger and healthier body. Choose your path, set your goals, succeed!

Life Boost is about bettering you in as many aspects as possible, not just pushing weight loss. We will teach you skills for better will power and a strong and focused mind, leading to long lived results and better outcomes in both your training and personal life. Guided, progressive, elite level Training to get your body physically prepared for anything - with huge increases to strength, fitness and body composition.

We have brought onboard Geelong's leading Health experts (Jarrod Matthews - Physiotherapist, Sam Brenchley - Nutritionist, Cold and Conscious - Mindfullness / Cold Therapies and more) to pair with our next level Training and philosophies. You can further any aspect of our program to get the results you want by adding 1:1 Personal Training, 1:1 Nutritoonist consultations, 1:1  Physiotherapy.

Included in ALL 8 Week Packages;
- Unlimited access to all Group Training at SureFit for 8 weeks
- 2 x 1hr Group Physiotherapy sessions - Prehab/Rehab, injury prevention, postural correction
- 2 x 1hr Group Nutrition sessions - Eating for individual results, fuel your goals, better health
- 1 x 45min Group Goal setting session - set amazing goals that matter, build an action plan for success, put it to work
- 1 x 2hr Cold and Conscious session - Breathe-work, mindfullness, optional Cold Immersion   
- 1 x Life Boost Booklet - $100's of dollars of local discounts, general nutrition plan, recipes, motivation + heaps more.
- A steady flow of Podcasts, motivation, recipes, tips, support + more to keep you firing towards huge success


You can then add (optional):
- 2, 4, 6 or 8 1:1 Physiotherapy sessions
2, 4 or 6 Nutriton Consultations
- 4, 8, 16 or 24 1:1 Personal training sessions


Boost your life by honing in on what matters to you and working to your personalised goals. From start to finish you will have the full support of our Team working behind you to make your goals into realities. With scalable Training, it's the perfect way to amplify your health, fitness and body in time to get full enjoyment out of this summer.

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